Partnership with Tusker – A conscious way forward

Elevating the driving experience of their customers, Tusker joins forces with vGroup International to offer new driver packs that prioritise security and safety.

From emergency flares and hi-vis vests to life hammers and tyre service kits – Tusker’s customers will be prepared for any challenges on their journey. Tusker’s phone cables will help keep people connected on their travels and our signal blocker pouches will prevent the ever-growing threat of key cloning and car theft.

Kit Wisdom, (Chief Operating Officer at Tusker) said, “Tusker is always looking at ways to support its drivers and so have recently taken the decision to update the in-car driver pack supplied within each of its cars. The new packs reflect the latest in safety solutions. In addition, looking at ways to reduce the carbon footprint of the materials used, Tusker have changed the in-car mats to be completely recycled, and recyclable at the end of their lives, with the use of ‘Conscious Carpets.’ vGroup have worked with us to identify changes to our materials and have recommended suitable products to ensure Tusker continues to meet the needs of drivers in a cost-effective, sustainable way.”

Tusker is a carbon neutral company who provide both company car and salary sacrifice car schemes to UK organisations in both the public and private sector. With over 20 years’ experience in providing company cars, we have the expertise to understand an organisation’s needs and ensure a fleet is suitable for today as well as the future.

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