5 Essential Products for Ultimate Residual Protection

A pristine car interior is crucial for both a pleasant and safe driving environment. Regular cleaning prevents the accumulation of dirt, dust, and allergens, improving air quality and maintaining the value of your vehicle, making it more attractive in case of a potential sale or trade-in.

Car mats:

Car mats play a vital role in safeguarding your vehicle’s flooring against dirt, spills, and wear. Opting for top-notch car mats, such as those provided by vGroup International, ensures durability and superior functionality.

Seat covers:

Seat covers not only shield your car’s seats from spills, stains, and wear but also provide an opportunity to personalise your interior and enhance comfort. vGroup International offers an extensive range of seat covers tailored to fit different car models and seat types.

Boot trays:

vGroup International offers boot trays precisely designed to fit various car models, ensuring a secure fit and maximum coverage. Made from robust rubber, these trays are easy to clean, maintain, and remove, making them a practical choice for any car owner.


Even the best-protected car will still accumulate dirt, and the time will come when it needs a thorough clean.

Empty your car and use the vacuum to remove any accumulated dirt. A good vacuum cleaner will reach every corner and assist in removing even the most stubborn dirt, preventing the build-up of damaging dust and debris in your car.

In-car screen wipe atomiser:

vGroup offers a handy in-car screen wipe and atomiser, allowing drivers to spray and clean the screen from inside the vehicle for a quick polish up while on the move.

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your car’s interior are essential for a comfortable and appealing driving experience. By incorporating high-quality car mats, seat covers, boot trays, and vacuums from vGroup International into your cleaning routine, you can elevate the cleanliness, durability, and style of your car’s interior. Embrace these practical solutions to protect your investment, preserve your vehicle’s value, and enjoy an immaculate driving environment every day.

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