Since 1992, vGroup embarked on an impressive journey as a prominent Tier 1 supplier for Jaguar, specializing in crafting premium sheepskin overmats.

Drawing from sharp market insights, we recognized a significant industry need – a comprehensive supplier offering floor protection, essential duty of care accessories, and reliable vehicle registration plates.

This steadfast commitment to excellence propels us forward as the foremost supplier in the new and pre-owned automotive sectors.

Growth in the subsequent years has been relentless with new divisions added servicing specific market sectors. These included:

Top UK provider of new vehicle packages for major lease firms, covering passenger and commercial vehicles.

Nationwide mobile-fit accessory service, excelling in fleet operations and transparent pricing.

Tailored products for dealerships, including mats, motoring kits and promotional items.

Deep understanding of motor manufacturers’ needs on Tier 1 and Tier 2 levels.

Distributing premium in-house brands and private-label products.

Expertise in online retail for both B2B and B2C markets.

Leading in automation and digital integration, vGroup crafts custom platforms for smooth order processing, reducing manual efforts. Our integration supports Just-In-Time and sequenced delivery – vital in today’s supply chains.

As a part of vGI Holdings, vGroup gains from vertical integration across manufacturing, transportation, and logistics. This minimises waste, optimises manufacturing and boosts competitiveness.

Our refined strategies uphold a lean supply chain, fulfilling evolving customer needs while ensuring quality. We’ve broadened through horizontal integration to serve various industries.


Established 1992. Provides health and safety accessories to the fleet industry and corporates directly.