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Winter essentials guide with vGroup International

With the winter season approaching, the need to ready your vehicle for the challenges of cold weather is of utmost importance. Whether you’re a daily commuter or oversee a fleet of vehicles, ensuring that your car is equipped for winter conditions is a priority. vGroup International offers a selection of winter essentials and kits designed to keep you safe on the road.

Winter vehicle checks:

  • Windscreen

One of the key aspects of preparing your vehicle for winter is your windscreen. Regularly top up washer fluid to maintain a clear view. Equipping yourself with screen wash pods and de-icers is essential for combating frosty mornings. In the mornings, ensure thorough de-misting of your vehicle’s windows and wing mirrors to prevent smears, particularly when the sun is low.

  • Lights & number plates

Clear visibility is paramount when driving in winter. Daily cleaning of your headlamps is crucial for both your ability to see and be seen. During the winter season, salt and dirt can rapidly accumulate, leading to reduced visibility at night and in adverse weather conditions. Be prepared with an emergency bulb kit to address any lighting issues, and maintaining a clean registration plate is essential for easy vehicle identification.

  • Battery

Cold and damp weather can be harsh on your vehicle’s battery. While self-testing is an option, carrying a jump starter in your trunk can be a lifesaver. Batteries are a common cause of breakdowns, especially during the winter months.

  • Tyres

Regularly inspect tread depth and tyre pressure, both crucial for braking and control in challenging winter conditions. For added preparedness, a tyre repair kit can be invaluable. Additionally, remember that winter tyres are essential for increased grip when temperatures fall below seven degrees and on icy surfaces.

  • Anti-freeze

Maintain the correct concentration of anti-freeze in your vehicle, following the manufacturer’s recommendations for your engine’s health. A typical concentration of 40% to 50% (by volume) is recommended.

  • Oil level

Weekly checks of your vehicle’s oil levels using the dipstick are advisable and top up if necessary. Low oil levels can lead to engine problems and breakdowns, particularly in cold weather.

  • P1 Autocare winter kit

Be ready for unpredictable winter weather by carrying our extensive range of winter kits. Essential items for your car winter kit include a phone charger, warning triangle, touchscreen gloves, foil blankets, a hi-visibility vest, de-icer, a scraper, a shovel, and a torch. These items can be invaluable in unforeseen situations.

By prioritising these winter essentials and following our guide, you can ensure your vehicles are prepared to tackle the challenges of the upcoming winter season. Stay safe and keep your business running smoothly with vGroup International.

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