Martyn Nash, Chairman of vGroup International

Supporting the FN50 Dinner and Awards

vGroup is proud to support the FN50 Dinner and Awards. The highlight of the event is the reveal of the FN50 listing, the annual guide to the largest leasing companies in the UK. Also featured will be a detailed analysis of the state of the fleet industry, the Fleet News Hall of Fame, manufacturer reliability awards, Fleet News Wellbeing award and the annual FN50 leasing customer service awards.

vGroup is a market leader without rival in the supply of finished products and logistics for the car, van and home with a mission to engage with consumers at every stage of their journey. Our unrivalled history in supporting the needs of the largest names in the automotive sector affords us the experience needed to deliver the perfect, tailored solutions.

As a forward-thinking organisation, we are avid supporters and contributors to the journey towards net carbon zero. We have championed this through initiatives such as becoming a paperless organisation, QR portals that negate the need for printed materials, P1 Autocare© Screenwash Pods and our ‘Conscious Community‘ of environmentally-sustainable products. Our journey continues and we look forward to sharing it with you.

Proud to support the FN50

Supporting the FN50 Dinner and Awards aligns seamlessly with vGroup lnternational’s forward looking vision. As the automotive landscape evolves, it’s crucial to celebrate industry excellence and foster connections. This event does exactly that. By sponsoring, we’re not just championing industry achievements but also underscoring our commitment to innovative solutions. Let’s embrace the future, together.

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