Protect Your Vehicle from Rising Vehicle Theft: Effective Safety Tips

Thieves’ growing access to sophisticated technology is responsible for the increase in vehicle theft. Today’s criminals actively employ advanced tactics and readily available equipment to steal vehicles, utilizing methods such as key cloning and signal mimicking. This surge in criminal activity has inflicted significant financial losses estimated at an astonishing £360 billion on drivers worldwide.

Neil Thomas, the director of investigative services at AX Track, emphasizes the clear contrast between past opportunistic car thieves and the technology-driven criminals of today. Criminals now possess costly online equipment that enables them to clone or mimic original keys. This technological advancement plays a major role in the escalating sophistication of vehicle theft.

At vGroup International, our focus is on safeguarding fleets from theft and key cloning.

Here are our tips for protecting your vehicle:
  • Deter thieves and facilitate easy tracing by etching your car’s VIN on each window.
  • Make it more challenging to tow your vehicle by turning your wheels towards the curb and leaving the car in gear, particularly on hills.
  • Conceal valuable items like sat-navs and remove any suction pad residue. Never leave portable items in plain sight.
  • Always ensure your car is locked, as key fob malfunctions are common. Double-check to be certain.
  • Avoid storing your keys in obvious places and keep them securely.
  • Enhance visual deterrence by investing in car security measures like steering wheel locks and handbrake locks.
  • Prevent unauthorized access by securing your car’s data port with a lockable cover.
  • Consider installing a tracking device to improve the chances of recovering your car if stolen.
  • Whenever you lock your car, whether by touching the door handle or using a remote, ensure that the indicators flash and mirrors fold (if applicable). Listen for the sound of locks engaging.
  • Protect yourself from key cloning and signal relaying by investing in a Faraday pouch.

In response to this concerning trend, vGroup International has introduced an innovative solution to combat key cloning and ensure fleet safety: the Faraday pouch. The Faraday pouch is a specially designed case that absorbs electronic signals emitted by keys, rendering them undetectable to potential thieves. By neutralising signal emissions, Faraday pouches effectively prevent signal cloning and significantly reduce the risk of vehicle theft.

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(Source: Fleet World – “Vehicle thefts in UK up 30% on back of rising used car values”)

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