Electric Vehicle Charging Etiquette – 10 Steps For Considerate EV Charging

Everyday more people are making the switch to electric cars and plug-in hybrids. The rise in people choosing electric is great news! Environmental consciousness is important to us and we’re so excited people are thinking about the planet. This rise in demand however, does put some pressure on the infrastructure that supports the charging of these vehicles.  So we want to support you while you support the planet.

There is still limited number of charging points across the country which can create a real issue for drivers in need of a recharge; so here are our ten simple steps for best charging etiquette to make charging points accessible and convenient for anybody.

So here are our 10 best steps for considerate charging:
  1. Bare in mind there are a limited number of charge points, so don’t treat the spaces as spare parking – only use them when you need to.
  2. Don’t hold up the queue. When you start your charge, reference check how long it will take and use your ‘Happy Charger’ disk to signify to other EV drivers when the space will be free.
  3. Consider how much charge you need. If 80% will get you where you need to be, don’t charge past it. The last 20% can take as long as the first 80%. This will help free up charge points for everyone to use.
  4. Plan ahead by using apps to see which chargers are occupied in real-time, reducing the risk of a timely wait.
  5. Don’t use a charge point for anything other than charging your vehicle. Not only does stop other drivers from charging, you could receive a fine.
  6. Check for potential local rules – and follow them. Some places may have a set of rules or guidance in place for example; a time limit on the use of charge points.
  7. Be careful with the charging cable. Messy cables could get in the way of other drivers, so make sure the cable, and your car, are using the available space safely.
  8. Help the system work smoothly by logging any faulty charge points in your app or notifying the provider.
  9. Remember the Highway Code. In particular, don’t park against the flow of traffic to get your plug socket closer to the charge point.
  10. Use your charging disc.  Charging points for EV vehicles are in demand and people could be waiting for them, so use your charging disk to communicate with other drivers.

Order ‘Happy Charger’ discs for your fleet to help support other drivers and keep everyone on the road. The discs gives you a convenient way to show other electric vehicle drivers when you expect to finish charging.

Contact sales@vgroupinternational.com to place your order.

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