Venson New Car Pack

Venson Automotive introduces sustainable accessories in partnership with vGroup International

In a partnership that spans back to 2005, vGroup International, a market-leading supplier and manufacturer of automotive products, collaborated with Venson Automotive Solutions for a pack refresh initiative. Venson, specialising in fleet management, aims to deliver upgraded sustainability and safety features to its customers with the new vehicle packs.

The pack refresh responds to the rising demand for environmentally friendly and safety-focused products. vGroup introduces the ‘Conscious Range’ including fully recyclable plates, vehicle mats and hessian bags, aligning with global sustainability goals. The Conscious Carpet and Conscious Plate, flagship products of the range, is now being featured prominently in the refreshed packs. The updated packs also incorporate innovative safety tools like LED warning flares, faraday pouches and dynamic QR codes for up-to-date safety contacts.

The new packs help Venson move towards sustainability, strengthening their dedication to environmentally conscious solutions.

“Working with vGroup is always a breeze! We recently revised our driver pack contents, which they helped throughout every step of the process, making the experience positive and effortless.” – said Arvi Smalinskas, Operations Manager at Venson Automotive.

Will Mears, Leasing Account Manager of vGroup International added: “Across almost twenty years of partnership, vGroup International and Venson have worked tirelessly together to provide the highest standard of safety items, innovative and compliant products to ensure all Venson drivers are protected no matter the scenario. It has been a pleasure working in partnership with Venson to elevate their packs to the next level of customer safety.”

This partnership shows the commitment of both vGroup International and Venson Automotive Solutions to advancing sustainable and safety-driven solutions for the evolving needs of the fleet management industry.

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