vGroup Launches New Driver Packs in Partnership with Volkswagen Financial Services

vGroup International, a longstanding partner of Volkswagen Financial Services since 2007, is excited to introduce their latest driver packs which emphasise the promotion of environmental consciousness and meeting the needs of their customers.

The driver packs include various products from vGroup International’s innovative P1 Autocare ©️Range, such as Screenwash Pods, ice scrapers, first aid kits and branded car mats with tailored options for a premium experience. All packs contain essential safety products, including warning flares and hi-vis vests, to ensure peace of mind while driving.

Niall Gleeson, the Head of Leasing at vGroup International, said; “We are thrilled to be working with Volkswagen Financial Services, and are excited to deliver our latest range of driver packs that reflect our shared values of sustainability and customer satisfaction. We will continue our hard work and are excited to keep making progress and achieving new goals together.”

Volkswagen Financial Services have chosen a tiered system for its new driver packs. In the platinum packs, the company has opted for conscious carpet, which protects the residual value of the vehicles, enabling them to be leased for longer while maintaining sustainability standards.

vGroup International is committed to pioneering solutions that support Volkswagen Financial Services’ goals and look forward to continuing the partnership.

Jonathan Glenn the General Manager at Fleet Customer Services said, “By partnering with vGroup, we have been able to enhance our Driver Pack and introduce more environmentally conscious products that add more value for our customers. This is an excellent example of our focus on current and future health and safety initiatives and delivering against our customers’ sustainability agenda.”

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