The markets most environmental numberplate, vPlate

The markets most environmental numberplate constructed from strong and sustainable aluminium. Whilst being lightweight, they are also environmentally conscious and 99% recyclable. Available as standard oblong or lipped with the option of vPlate frames bearing your brand.

• vPlate is tough and impact resistant by virtue of its aluminium construction
• vPlate is 50% more reflective than standard number plates
• vPlate is 100% weatherproof due to the advanced manufacturing process
• vPlate is independently tested and compliant with BSAU145e
• vPlate is 99% recyclable and the sustainable solution
• vPlate is supported with a 5-year warranty as standard

“Green” plates are one of the most recent additions to the vPlate range, available and promoted for fitment to zero-emission vehicles. Increasing in popularity, these are available for vGroup to customers to order via our online portal in conjunction with tailored floor protection and motoring kits.

For more information regarding green plates, follow this link:

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