vGroup sets the standard for carbon neutrality in the automotive industry

As a market-leader in the UK’s automotive sector for over three decades, vGroup International proudly announces its achievement of being carbon neutral, marking a significant milestone in the industry’s sustainability efforts. vGroup has collaborated with over 200 automotive companies, consistently raising industry standards, improving services, and advancing environmental progress.

In today’s climate-conscious landscape, environmental responsibility is paramount and vGroup International has embarked on a journey almost a decade ago towards eco-friendliness, underscoring its strong commitment to sustainability.

Debi Percival, Group Implementation Manager at vGroup International, remarked, “While the road to carbon neutrality has been a 24-month endeavour, we didn’t start our journey yesterday. Our commitment to sustainability is a cornerstone of our ethos, embedded in every aspect of our operation.”

In 2017, our journey toward carbon neutrality began with the development of P1 Autocare©, our flagship retail brand dedicated to reducing environmental impact through innovative solutions. That same year, we launched our ‘Screenwash Pods’, eliminating traditional screen wash packaging. This prevented over 1 million kilograms of plastic waste and avoided the disposal of 200,000 5-litre plastic bottles in landfills, marking our commitment to achieving zero landfill.

In 2019, we expanded our sustainability efforts with the introduction of the Conscious Range. This product line offers 100% recyclability throughout its lifecycle, featuring eco-friendly options such as the Conscious Carpet©, Conscious Bags, and Conscious Lining.

In 2020, vGroup continued its commitment to environmental stewardship with the launch of vLink Connected. Our digital vehicle handover and assistance platform enhances customer experience and significantly reduces plastic and paper waste by eliminating the need for printed marketing materials, saving over 7000 kilograms of plastic and paper.

In 2021, we achieved a significant milestone with the introduction of plastic-free number plates. Utilising durable aluminium and cutting-edge manufacturing technology, these number plates offer 100% recyclability, contributing to the reduction of plastic waste in the automotive industry.

Through a decade worth of product and service development, we are proud to announce that vGroup achieved zero landfill. Not only does our carbon-neutral status reflect our dedication to environmental sustainability, but it also offers tangible benefits to our customers. By partnering with vGroup, businesses gain access to sustainable solutions that align with global environmental standards and credentials. Furthermore, our carbon-neutral status opens doors to enhanced supplier and customer relations, fostering sustainable partnerships built on trust and mutual benefit.

While significant progress has already been made, our mission to transform the industry sustainably remains steadfast, with numerous milestones along the way. As we continue to pioneer sustainability in the automotive industry, vGroup invites businesses to join us in our commitment to creating a greener, more sustainable future.

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