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Staying Safe and Avoiding Fines: Required Equipment for Driving in Germany

When driving in Germany, there are some required equipment items that you must always carry with you to ensure you are being legal on the road and avoid unnecessary fines. This is to ensure that you are prepared in case of an emergency or breakdown.

Here is a rundown of the equipment you will need:

  • Reflective vest – If you break down or are involved in an accident on a major road or highway in Germany, you must wear a hi-vis jacket which is EN20471 compliant, when outside the vehicle.
  • Warning triangle – A warning triangle is compulsory in Germany. In case of a breakdown or accident, you must place it at a sufficient distance from your vehicle to warn other drivers of the hazard.
  • UK sticker – If your vehicle doesn’t bear EU number plates, you’ll need a UK sticker to indicate it’s registered in the UK. Alternatively, if your car has UK number plates, a UK sticker isn’t necessary.
  • Headlamp convertors – If you are driving a UK-registered vehicle in Germany, you will need to adjust your headlights for driving on the right-hand side of the road. This can be done using headlamp beam deflectors, which should be affixed to your headlights before driving in Germany. Alternatively, you can adjust the beam manually.
  • Winter tyres – Germany introduced regulations in 2010 requiring all passenger cars and motorbikes to be fitted with winter or all-season tyres in winter conditions.
  • First aid kit – It is not compulsory for a vehicle to have a first aid kit, but since it is a compulsion for every German registered vehicle to have a  DIN13164:2022 approved first aid kit onboard, it is recommended that one should carry it along whilst traveling in Germany.

Additionally, you should always check the requirements before you travel, as they can change. By carrying the required equipment, you will be prepared in case of an emergency or breakdown, and you will avoid any potential fines or repercussions.

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