vGroup International is the UK distributor of Greenmouse mobile phone accessories

Long gone is the time when a mobile phone was merely a telephone. Even calling it a smartphone is a huge understatement. On a day-to-day basis it is the first thing we hear in the morning as an alarm clock, we read the news, check our social channels and communicate via it throughout the day. In between it may be our wallet, music source and video screen….and that is keeping it simple! 

Pick your mobile up. Scroll through the apps that you have installed. Now you realise how important that digital device of wonder is. Imagine being out-and-about or travelling and you have a flat battery. One word. Stuck. How do you find your destination, pay for your lunch or board the plane? No calling or messaging for help either.  

vGroup International is the UK distributor of Greenmouse mobile phone accessories. The range and merchandising solutions were conceived and developed with the essential mobile phone use at the fore. Established in 2005, with a presence across the globe and with over 20,000 point-of-sale units in circulation, Greenmouse knows what we need to keep our mobiles doing what they need to.  

The dedicated display units are a turnkey solution with a tiny footprint. Self-selling quickly recognisable universal products that include cables, wall chargers, headsets and car chargers are the fastest sellers.  Supplied fully stocked and priced, the units can generate over £4,000 of profit per sqm.  

Perfectly suited to high traffic environments such as forecourts, convenience stores, airports and train stations as well as the not so obvious such as hotels, gyms, clinics and hospitals, vGroup through its retail division, is servicing customers from UK stock and a well-established logistics network. Where required, merchandising solutions are available nationally for display positioning, stocking and restocking.   

 Aligning with vGroup’s net zero journey, Greenmouse products omit any unnecessary packaging and the multi-use display units are produced from recycled material.  

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