Partnership with GEFCO

GEFCO is the leading European provider of finished vehicle logistics encompassing vehicle storage, preparation, inspection and delivery. GEFCOidentified the importance to sub-contract, non-core activities that occupied valuable space and labour resources, to a trusted and valued partner.

vGroup, is the UK’s leading supplier of products and services to the automotive sector. It has supplied both new and used vehicle business with logistics solutions for over thirty years.
Together, the businesses scoped the functions that fitted well within vGroup’s service model and that would release resource for GEFCO to generate greater revenues. These included sequenced deliveries of vehicle handover kits containing:

Tailored mats
Motoring packs

By releasing depot space and labour, GEFCO is now able handle a greater number of vehicles through its logistics service, has sub-contracted the management of vehicle handover kits to vGroup and eradicated the obsolescence. A great outcome for both parties.

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