vGroup International is a full service and logistical supplier to all sectors of the new car market. Supplying Motor Manufacturers with Tier 1 and Tier 2 products, vGroup is the UK’s largest accessory supplier to the fleet leasing industry via dealerships and dealer groups. Innovation and environmental consciousness aimed at reducing the customer costs and benefiting the whole world. P1 Autocare, Cosmos and RAC are leading retail brands, focusing on retail category management and space acquisition. Modern, fresh, innovative, focusing on the car, van, home, work & travel.

vGroup International is a product designer, IP owner and primary producer, manufacturing over 3.5 million textile vehicle mats each year. The company operates in the UK, with a sourcing office in Hong Kong and Xiamen, Fujian Province in China. A European distribution centre in the Netherlands has recently been established to serve dealerships, lease companies and major retailers throughout Northern Europe.

Providing motor accessory essentials for the car & van, home, workplace, travel, and enjoying an excellent economies of scale, with the potential to produce more than 1 million products from over 4000 SKU’s.

The group is focused on world-class IT systems, applications and online platforms that improve customer experience to reduce the costs of customer. The company is clearly split into defined organisations that allow head of departments to focus and be experts in their respective market sectors. Robotisation, extensive automation and improving the customer journey is the next stage of investment. The company is confident, open, very progressive and has a depth of staff knowledge with commitment unrivalled by its competitors.

The company is recognised as an industry trusted advisor and passionate about reducing death and serious injury on UK and world roads which cost the globe over £500bn every year, or equivalent to 2% of the planet’s GDP. Road accidents in the UK cost our economy £16.3 billion and it is increasing again. We enjoy first aiders in the workplace, but there are no such trained people for the country’s most hostile environment - our roads. DFA, with vGroup's support is on a mission to address this position and provide 100,000 first responders for our roads saving £1.6 million. 

Design. Sourcing. Manufacturing. Logistics. Online platforms.