vLease Overview

vLease is the market leading full service and logistics provider of unparalleled service and solutions to more than 100 leading UK and European vehicle leasing and fleet management organisations.

Over 5,000 product SKUs held in stock, helping clients to add genuine value, achieve high levels of brand awareness, improve residual values, support health & safety, and improve customer retention, through improvements in handover experience and the consumer journey. We are recognised as an industry trusted advisor and are passionate about reducing death and serious injury in the UK roads and world roads which cost the globe over £500bn every year, or equivalent to 2% of the planet’s GDP.

vGroup is the largest producer of textile carpet mats using over 3.5 million square metres of material. 1 in 3 new cars contain a vGroup product and we are focused on improving driver and passenger safety in the car, van, home, travel & leisure.

As a full service to provider to the fleet industry, it understands and provides Just In Time delivery and logistic services, whilst providing vLink to its customers, a world class online ordering platform. Close relations with Ebbon Daks aid seamless ordering processes between lease company, dealer and vGroup. Reducing the cost of doing business for our partners is key.

Our extensive client list includes: