Finesse Poly Lining

The lightweight characteristics of the lining
unveiled by vGroup International’s
vComms division delivers a “massive”
advantage when compared to traditional
plywood lining, reducing fuel consumption
and increasing payload.

vComms also operates a mobile accessory fitment service to company cars and vans, with nationwide coverage from professional fitment specialists. Last year, it fitted more than 10,000 vehicles with a wide range of accessories from plylining to tow bars and racking systems to roof vents and lighting and electrical accessories.

The list of economical, installation, technical and environmental benefits offered to fleets by the lining, called Finesse Poly Lining, is led by its weight-saving.

At just 1,500g per square metre, Finesse Poly Lining offers a massive weight advantage to fleets when compared to traditional plywood - and that triggers vehicle fuel consumption benefits and increased payload.

Typically, standard hardwood plywood van linings weigh in atIf lining a typical panel van with traditional birch in 12mm thickness it would weigh 55.38kgs in total. However the equivalent Finesse Poly Lining would weigh just 19.02kgs - delivering a weight saving of 36.36kgs.

Eliminating weight from a vehicle translates into potential fuel savings - depending on driving style adopted, road conditions and a variety of other factors. Saving almost 40kgs over 125,000 miles could cut fuel bills by about £450 - while the payload weight saved by utilising the lining could allow additional tools and other equipment to be carried.

However, the payload gains do not mean there is any compromise in the technical performance of Finesse Poly Lining, which is extremely rigid and durable, offering strong impact and humidity resistance, plus, it’s also 100% recyclable, washable and resistant to acid and oils.

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