Top Racing Driver Calls on Company Drivers to ‘Make the Pledge’ to Drive Safely and Cut the Carnage

vGroup International is calling on fleets across Britain to join its own staff, including top racing driver James Nash, in backing Road Safety Week and ‘make the pledge’ to drive safely.

National Road Safety Week from today (Monday, November 21) to Sunday (November 27) is organised by road safety charity Brake. This year’s theme calls on drivers to make the six-point Brake Pledge and to help stop the five deaths and 62 serious injuries that occur daily on UK roads.

Professional racing driver and vGroup International operation director James Nash is the focus of a new 64-second video made especially for Road Safety Week in which he makes the Brake Pledge and calls on all other drivers to take his lead.

What’s more, all employees at the UK’s leading provider of motor accessory essentials, which supplies more than 300,000 roadside assistance and motoring first aid kits to fleets a year, have been photographed making the Brake Pledge.

The video, which is being distributed to vGroup International’s fleet customers, can be viewed at Additionally, each day during Road Safety Week vGroup International will use social media to highlight members of staff making the Brake Pledge.

James, driving a SEAT Leon for the Craft-Bamboo LUKOIL Team, was second in the 2016 TCR International Series after Sunday’s final two races in this year’s championship in Macau. The 30-year-old has previously raced in numerous championships including the British Touring Car Championship and World Touring Car Championship.

He believes company car and commercial vehicle drivers, as well as employees who drive their own cars on business, can learn much from professional racing drivers and thus contribute to cutting the toll of death and injury on Britain’s roads.

James said: “Racing is all about not taking risks because it is important to finish a race, being fully focused on the road ahead and driving to the conditions. It’s exactly the same away from the race track when driving on the roads everyone travels on daily.

“If all drivers make the Brake Pledge and commit to the six points every time they get behind the wheel, together we can make Britain’s roads safer for everyone.”

Milton Keynes-based vGroup International has a history of promoting road safety across the corporate sector with company chairman Martyn Nash also being a director of Driver First Assist, the non-profit organisation that trains professional drivers to provide life-saving first aid and manage the scene at a road traffic collision, prior to the arrival of the emergency services.

Martyn, a passionate campaigner for reducing death and injury on the UK’s roads and around the world, said: “There are five road deaths every day on the UK’s roads and every year 22,800 people are seriously injured and almost 170,000 people slightly injured. We have got to reduce those numbers.”

The Brake Pledge calls on drivers to:

  • Slow - breaking the speed limit or travelling too fast for the conditions is a contributory factor in 27% of fatal crashes.
  • Sober - having even one drink before getting behind the wheel can affect the ability to drive. One in seven road deaths are at the hands of someone who has driven while over the limit.
  • Secure - seat belts are still seen as an inconvenience by some drivers, yet using one reduces the chance of dying in a crash by 50%: 21% of car occupants killed in crashes do not wear a seat belt.
  • Silent - drivers who perform a complex secondary task, like using a mobile, while at the wheel are three times more likely to crash than non-distracted drivers.
  • Sharp - booking in for a regular eye test should be at the top of any driver’s to-do list. Road crashes caused by poor driver vision are estimated to cause 2,900 casualties and cost £33 million in the UK per year.
  • Sustainable - improve safety and cut pollution by driving less and instead walk, cycle or use public transport.

Road Safety Week is supported by the Association of National Police Chiefs Council, Police Scotland, Chief Fire Officers Association and the Department for Transport.