moDrive offers telematics for less than £5 per month

vGroup International have teamed up with Oxford-based online solutions provider Ebbon-Dacs to offer their MoDrive telematics solution for less than £5 per vehicle per month.

They believe that their new MoDrive solution is significantly cheaper, yet still offers state of the art functionality that meets the needs of most fleet operators.

For contract hire and leasing companies, MoDrive delivers mileage information, service alerts and diagnostic code information at less than £5 per month,  per vehicle, thus providing all the information necessary for a leasing company to manage its assets more efficiently and cost-effectively.

For end-user fleets, MoDrive can provide fuel consumption, driver behavior and journey expense information, aimed at cutting fleet fuel bills and carbon emissions, reducing wear and tear costs, improving driver behaviours and meeting duty of care obligations.

For the proportion of fleets that need it, location tracking functionality can also be easily switched on at any time. This is not default functionality as it can cause driver objections and is usually only required for on-road sales forces, light commercial vehicles and vehicle groups.

The MoDrive solution is based around dealer-fit, black box hardware, which is currently utilised by tens of thousands of cars, commercial and blue light vehicles throughout the UK.

Data from each vehicle is transmitted to a state-of-the-art hosting facility where it is processed and made available in a consolidated report form for leasing companies and, where selected, simple dashboard graphics for end-user fleets.

Mileage can be used to monitor service intervals for all manufacturer makes and models and, in some cases, the vehicle’s own service countdown data can be provided, enabling leasing companies to control when and where the vehicle will be serviced, potentially reducing costs.

Despite its low entry cost, MoDrive is designed to be scalable and is capable of handling many tens of thousands of vehicles.

“We believe that the technology behind telematics is well established and understood,” said Robert Pilkington, managing director of the Leaselink International division of Ebbon-Dacs.

“By engineering the most efficient central processing service and layering the solution in an effective way for the fleet industry, we are able to provide a solution that offers customers what they need at a price that can be justified.

“In a contract hire and leasing situation, there are two customers with different requirements. The leasing company wants asset management to predict and proactively manage servicing and repairs to protect the status of its asset, while the fleet operator wants fuel efficiency, safe drivers and duty of care.

“We have created a product that can deliver one or both of these at a fraction of the prevailing market price.”

Vicky Arnold, head of sales at vGroup International, said: “With MoDrive, we use the latest hardware, proprietary data manipulation and presentation technology coupled with a market-leading logistics and distribution offer.

“But we are doing it at a realistic price, something we can achieve because of Ebbon-Dacs’ existing Leaselink infrastructure and vGroup’s existing logistics infrastructure.  This gives us a unique cost base and a unique customer offering.

“You can’t manage your assets effectively without reliable and timely information. Now, proactive service direction and excess mileage information is available through MoDrive at market-leading prices.

“In the lifetime of one vehicle contract, this sub-£4 per month cost could be recouped in just one service direction event or dashboard warning light alert.  And that is without taking account of the obvious customer service benefits of providing your fleet customers with contemporaneous vehicle information for every vehicle in their fleet.”

vGroup and Ebbon-Dacs are offering a benefits package for early adopters.

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