Important COVID-19 announcement to our Customers

Dear Customer,

Following news surrounding the outbreak of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) vGroup International have put a contingency plan in place in response to this outbreak. This notification is to confirm the steps we’re taking internally to minimise disruptions and ensure the continuation of our service and commitment to you, our customers. The key areas of our plan are highlighted below.

Staff Segregation:

Our aim is to ensure our factory continues to run without disruption. We have enforced segregation between our office and factory staff to avoid any potential spread of infection between the departments. Our plan is that if the factory staff do become infected or are advised to self-isolate we  have ensured that a complete separate team are able to step in to substitute. We have also ensured that our staff maintain a minimum distance of 2m between each other and segregated areas such as our canteen to ensure there are no gatherings of people.

All staff who are able to work remotely from home have been asked to do so and are restricted from the offices. We are also working to make remote working a possibility this possible for all office staff.We have instigated with immediate effect deep cleaning of all office equipment and touch points and provided all staff with hand sanitiser.

vGroup International have 2 factory locations of which we can alternate production and staff should we experience closures.

External Visitors:

We are restricting internal face to face meetings on our premises and eliminating all face to face meetings with all suppliers. With customers we will follow their protocol. Communication remains key with customers and suppliers and will use alternative methods. We have also sent notice to all suppliers that delivery drivers are not to enter the premises at any time.

Continued Supply of Stock:

60% of our stock is UK produced by the majority of our own factory. Currently, far eastern supplies have delays but no interruptions and the delays are between 4-6 weeks and on average we hold 12 weeks stock. The European scene is changing hourly, many EU countries starting to move to lockdown status. We are increasing our stocks from these countries. For European haulage vGroup International have its own trucks, trailers and drivers.

Advice to our Staff:

We are keeping in line with all recommendations made by the Government and we are continuously advising all staff to maintain health and hygiene standards. Staff have also been advised – if they show any symptoms of the Coronavirus – to self-isolate and call NHS advice line 111 for further advice.


We have halted all travel outside the UK to prevent any further spread of the infection and advised staff to avoid public transport if possible. All staff are required to self-isolate for 14 days if they return from a holiday outside of the UK.

How you can help us?

It is vital that we understand the impact of this virus upon your business and customer demand so that we can adjust your stock and our staff levels accordingly.

We hope this has come as reassurance to you. Should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Stay safe and take care of each other.

Martyn Nash
CEO, Chairman