DFA Launch

vGroup International is a proud sponsor of Drivers First Assist (DFA) in a mission to save lives on the World's most dangerous workplace. 

“The number of people killed whilst driving at work make road traffic collisions the U.K.'s No.1 occupational killer”
The Health & Safety Executive

This statement of fact illustrates how much more we need to accomplish in order to make our road network a safer place and why Driver First Assist (DFA) has been created. DFA is already training drivers to provide a critical first response, should they find themselves first or early at the scene of a road traffic collision, in advance of the arrival of the emergency services. Expert opinion suggests that provision of this first response system could lead to a reduction in fatalities of almost 50%. To achieve this we need your support and assistance. If transport and fleet operators facilitate the training of small groups of their drivers we can rapidly achieve our aims. The cost to each organisation would be relatively small and wholly disproportionate to the benefits that could be achieved:

• Saving over 800 lives saved each year
• Saving the national purse c.£1.4 billion per annum
• Reducing road closures, currently costing in excess of £60,000 per hour
• Reducing the human tragedy associated with unnecessary loss of life

Our choice of venue has been quite deliberate. Safety in motor racing was for many years poor to say the least and worse still, accepted as such. But the status quo was eventually challenged and through hard work and dedication massive improvements were accomplished.

“There is no doubt that Formula One has the best risk management of any sport and any
industry in the world”

Sir Jackie Stewart

Join us at Silverstone on 28 September to find out more about this important and ground breaking road safety initiative; how we are already making a difference; and hear from those already lending their support to DFA.