vGroup China

The full range of products covers the complete spectrum and includes pens, watches, bags, household items, clothing, electronics and gift products.

vGroup China

vGroup China enables the Group to be at the forefront of the supply chain whilst maintaining maximum control. This provides the flexibility to offer the world's most cost-effective manufacturing facilities to produce both our and our clients' product ranges.

vGroup China is a Hong Kong registered company trading out of Xiamen, China's fourth largest port, as well having a second office and warehouse facility in Ningbo. As part of the Xiamen operation, vGI CN employs a team of five specialist product managers with a wealth of engineering and development experience, meaning that if a product cannot be sourced from within the existing portfolio, a new product can be designed and produced to meet a client's exact requirements.

vGroup China provides a sourcing service for other clients and is developing new products to provide in The Far East as well as Europe.

vGroup China will be marketing the British Profile Autones brand throughout China as well as providing white label solutions of the same products to prestigious brand partners wishing to establish themselves in the Far East.