Peace of Mind

We are at vGroup International we follow a code. This code reflects back in all of our products, services, interactions. Our efforts is for the customer. for you. This is our Peace of Mind. We are here. We are vGroup.


I will treat my internal and external customers with the same high level of professionalism and respect.


I will only promise what my colleagues and I can deliver.


I will be an ambassador through my professional appearance, use of language and behaviour.


I will take ownership for my personal development ensuring I have the relevant skills and knowledge to support my customer needs.


I will communicate in a prompt and timely manner to my customers (internal and external), ensuring that they are kept fully up to date.


If my customer needs support, I will take ownership and commit to taking the relevant action.


I will always look for opportunities to exceed my customer expectations.


I will make it easy for my customers to deal with me and ensure that they also have a positive experience.


I will listen to my customers to ensure that I accurately understand what they want and need.


I will always ensure that I record and provide accurate customer information.